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90% Silver, Pre-1965 Coins

Bags of Pre-1965 silver dimes and quarters

Junk silver, also known to you and me as 90% silver coins are a very popular way to invest in silver and are bought by both investors and prepper types. Investors like these coins because the coins contain 90% silver. Preppers like buying these coins because it is believed that this form of silver will be highly recognizable by a post-apocalyptic society in bartering situations. Instead of trying to break up a 100 oz bullion bar for smaller daily payment needs. Preppers can trade these smaller silver coins.  Our $10 and $5 face rolls are our best sellers in the category.  A 5.00 face roll of dimes will weigh 3.575 ounces. A larger 1000.00 face bag will have 715 ounces of silver 

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Junk silver coins are really just pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars that were in circulation and were removed due to their silver content. It’s called junk because of the wear and tear on the coins due to everyday use. The silver content in each coin far exceeds its face value and therefore it is rare to find any in circulation today, as many investors have been culling through old coins for years.

Each dime contains .072 ounces, each quarter contains .181 ounces and each half dollar contains .362 ounces of silver. This small amount of silver in each coin is thought to make bartering for small necessities easy due to their low value.

Think about it this way, if you had a 1 oz. gold eagle and you wanted some bread and eggs, would it be easier to give someone that one ounce of gold valued at thousands of dollars, or a dime worth a few dollars? This is the premise behind owning junk silver coins.

If you are looking for silver for investment purposes only, then we recommend buying silver eagles, silver bars or silver rounds. Junk silver is more difficult to liquidate in large quantities as it needs to be counted.

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